Tuesday, January 30, 2007

NYC Bound

I wanted to get a quick word in during the boy's nap because Slim and I will be taking Mia up to Brooklyn this coming weekend, and I don't know how much blogging I'll be able to fit in.

Yesterday was a big day hanging out with our Safta, whom Slim had running around chasing him all afternoon. Here he was "helping" bring out some tangerines for snacks.

Our Safta is an amazing woman -- 87 next month -- and still volunteering and driving around younger, more invalid neighbors. Slim enjoyed hanging out and reading her books and showing off his cars.

And we got good news at the midwife's this morning: Baby Dos decided to cooperate and turn head down like a good little bean. I guess the swimming and crawling around this week has helped!

The funny thing is that I think I feel more pregnant now that the little baby is in the right position. I've got more pressure on my pelvis when I'm out walking, I get more out of breath and I have more kicks in my lungs.

I'm getting tired more easily, but I can't wait to hang out in NYC. While I'm there, my SIL will have an opening of her artwork at Sunny's Bar in Red Hook. I am always inspired by her art. I identify with the distance of them, with how they capture that feeling of traveling and waking up in a strange place at 3am where you don't speak the language.

Plus her show openings are fun. So NYC knitters/art lovers, come on down!

I am also angling to catch the Radical Lace Subversive Knitting show at the Museum of Arts and Design. If I can, I'll leave the kiddo at home, but I imagine the little screamer will be along for the ride. Maybe the aunts and cousins can help entertain him. The NY Times gave only a so-so review for the show, but I think it will still be interesting.

I'm looking forward to the trip. It'll be good for Slim to hang out with the cousins and I need the sisterly support. And when we get back, NC Grandpa is coming for a visit, and then we'll have a family wedding to celebrate.

All kinds of good news...


Rie said...

I'm so glad you found the exit you needed! Call me anytime for personalized GPS assistance (maybe that's my calling! God want me to actually guide people in real time!).
Love you lots and say "Hey!" to the NC sisters for me.

Crafty Caroline said...

Hey Ginny! Just came across yer blog and wanted to say hello. Hope all is well - have a blast in NYC!
Caroline (aka Mrs. Scott Lewis)

Carrie said...

Hope you are having fun in the Big City! :) Let us know how the subversive knitting exhibit is - my roommate and I were thinking of going...

Keep going with the socks! The end is in sight! And definitely try the Child's French. Love love love.