Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

In my first year with a real house with real trick or treaters, I have learned one very important thing:

Four big bags of candy will last you just over an hour.

Note to self: Next year, more.

Pirate Slim had a good time and took his first picture of himself with the camera. The Little Lion helped pass out candy, and one of the neighborhood kids helped me decorate the porch.

Knitting on a super-secret project is proceeding, and all is well. (Except the pictures being held hostage on the camera....)

Happy Halloween, y'all. I'm off to bed.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hellllooooo, Giant Time Suck!

I have very, very, very good reasons for my suckassery in blogging.

A) I am a mother of two small children. Free Pass for Life! Or Until They Turn 18!

B) My husband is trying to tear out our kitchen within the next month. I want to let him, but except for, you know, the subsequent lack of a kitchen.

C) I really am going to apply to law school. Really. This year. Really. I swear.

D) I have been writing. Fiction, of all things.

E) I got off my lazy butt, found that Ravelry invitation from July (!) and joined.

Oh. My. God. Why am I such a loser who gets an invitation to join all the cool knitting kids online, and then I sit on it for three months?


(I'm muthaknitter if you're on there and wanna friend me. heehee.)

So I put in all the books I could remember off the top of my head (23) and all the WIPs I'm going to publicly admit to (5) and joined some groups. (Look, ma, friends!) I have already spent an inordinate amount of time surfing patterns and people.

In fact, I think Ravelry will help me redeem the unmitigated disaster that is my first sweater. You know, the World's Warmest Sweater of Buttery Goodness (TM) first blogged about in February 2006. Yep, you heard the year right.

It deserves a post all its own, with the horror properly documented in pictures. The Cap'n has agreed to photograph the evidence. And should I ever get out of this hell known as No SD Card Reader, I will be able to download the photos to my computer and blog them.

Because really, the adorability that is the Little Lion's sweater, the coolness that is the Harlot's hat, the wonder that is Lady Eleanor (finally fringed this weekend!) should not be missed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The State of Things

I just made myself laugh so hard I cried. Either that, or I was about to cry anyway.

So there's been a load of clean laundry in the basket waiting to be folded for 4 days. The other basket is MIA. (Apparently, there is thing in the house called the "laundry room"? Must check to see if it joined friends there...)

So what else is there to do with the three loads of laundry that have piled up in the last 4 days besides kick it out of three rooms (kids bdrm, master bdrm, bthrm) and down the stairs?

No, really. Kick it.

Besides making me laugh at my abominable housekeeping skills, it is an A.W.E.S.O.M.E. way to get rid of the dog hair collecting on the stairs.

Plus: It feels good.

Onward and upward, I say.

Blog posts are pecolating in my head, and except for crapped-out photo thingy, you would have scintillating musings to read and pictures to peruse about a knitting goddess, a FO and a surprise new thingy. (NOTE TO GRANDPARENTS: Your grandchildren's photos are being held hostage on an SD card by a malfunctioning card reader, courtesy of your grandsons who like to pull computer cords and short them out. Save the cuteness.)

But sometimes, truly, life does get in the way of knitting. Those law school apps won't write themselves, alas. And social services truly frowns on feral children.