Thursday, January 11, 2007

Catching Up

It's come to that point where there is so much to blog about, I have a bit of writer's block. But I know that if I don't start somewhere, I won't start at all. So here goes...

A second blog post from Indiana was interrupted by the 18-hour stomach bug. First Malcolm was throwing up all Tuesday after Christmas, then I could barely crawl out of bed on Wednesday -- missing the big family shindig.

So it's taken me until now to brag about all my Knitty Kristmas presents! I am waiting on stitch markers and needles for my new Interweave subscription to start. And I'm really excited to start using my new KnitPicks Options set. I would like to use them with my Dalegarn Baby Ull in sage green to make a baby sweater for Baby Dos, but the needle sizes only go down to US4, and I think I need a US2. Any pattern suggestions?

But the siren call of German sock yarn is hard to resist also. Mike and Mom returned from their recent trip with three balls of sock yarn that I am dying to dive into: one Online Supersocke and two Lana Grossa (a Colortweed and a Cotton Fantasy).

The Lana Grossa ColorTweed, I've decided, goes too perfectly with the purple Cherry Tree Hill that I already had at at my At Home Yarn Shop. So I'm thinking of making Devan from Knitty for Baby Dos after the green sweater is complete.

Thank goodness I have my new camouflage Go Knit pouch and chic(k) tape measure to carry my sock projects in and measure them with! Ha! You pull an egg out of its butt! It's the little things that amuse me.

Good times...There's more to blog about, particularly gators, birds and baby, but another day. I'll leave you with my very slow knitting process over the vacation.

That's one finished Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in brick (an astounding replica of the sock color from the book). I LOVE IT. Now I just have to start and finish the second.

Bask in its glory until our return from Oregon....yes, yet another trip. Ta-ta til Tuesday!


Carrie said...

Awsome socks! Yeah, I'll get to those one of these days... :)

Hope you're feeling better!

Rie said...

Girlfriend! Your sock is gAWgeous! I must make socks. I'm going to start asap. I just finished two tiny baby hats to show my kids at youth group. I hope they get excited about knitting for the hospital. The hats are adorable.

But I want Socks! I will do it.

Love you lots!

(ps, my word verification looks like "boxyflava" to my pre-coffee mind. I've got boxyflava! It kind of sounds hot, but it also sounds a bit contagious.)

Mom said...

I just love the finished sock. The color is beautiful and the weave in the sock is just amazing!! Great Job well done. Can't wait to see the baby things that you are making. Have a great time on your next trip!!