Saturday, January 20, 2007

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other...

One of these things is just not the same.

First Knitting Swatch Option 1:

Here we have a little bit of garter stitch, a little bit of stockinette. There are a couple of big loops at the cast-on edge from dropped stitches, and our swatch shares much more in common with a parallelogram than a rectangle. Clearly, not a knitting natural. Let us have pity on this poor beginning knitter, who obviously needs mental help.

First Knitting Swatch Option 2:

Here we have row upon row of nice, even garter stitch. Don't bother looking closely for any dropped stitches, inadvertent increases or accidental decreases. There aren't any. This knitting savant was apparently born with needles in hand. Her first swatch actually functions quite well as a cute little bookmark.

Wanna guess which one is mine and which one is KnittySissy's?

Now apparently Mom is knitting too. And KnittinSis has already cabled. I've started a revolution.

Let's just hope my head isn't the first one on the chopping block...

P.S. I do think I remembered when my last yarn purchase was. I got some Bemidji undyed wool at A Good Yarn in Baltimore the night before my LSAT on Dec. 2. So let's hear it for me going almost 2 months without buying yarn! Whoo. and Hoo.

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Rie said...

Dude!'re up awfully late! I love the fact that Rachel is such a super knitter. Now if she can just find a job where she doesn't put in 20hours of overtime a week, she can maybe spend some time knitting! (Makin' money in the daily grind vs creating beautiful fiber arts...hmmm...fiber arts wins!)

Mom is a natural, too. I showed her a bit in a busy coffee house while waiting for some of my kids to show up. She caught on so fast! I want to show her how to knit in the round soon so she can make some baby hats with me. She said that the nursery at her work would love to have bitty hats, and I think she'd love to contribute something like that (since she's volunteered so much time to the hospital in other projects). you lots!

PS I'm back to fuzzy feet after a post-holiday hiatus.