Friday, January 27, 2006

Noro Nooky

I love Noro. Love. Love. Love.

I thinking I'm turning Japanese,

I think I'm turning Japanese,

I really think so.

So but now I need to block this thing, and I'm a little nervous. Has anyone out there any suggestions about blocking Noro Kureyon? I don't think it should be wet blocked, so I'm going to try steam pressing it first. I don't want the dye colors to run into each other.

Sorry about the poor quality of this photo...though it does show my man in the kitchen making New Basics' mac and cheese. Hooray!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yum, Yum

This is the Noro Kureyon Multi-Directional scarf that I have been going on about for a while (in the purple/hunter colorway). I'm on the third skein and hoping to finish, fringe and block it sometime soon.

Like Malcolm's book says, "Yum, Yum." The yarn is really nice to work with, and I love how the short rows highlight the color changes.

It'll be my first blocking project too. It curls a little right now, and I think it'll lay flatter, looser and wider with a little bit of blocking.

I've also made my first gauge swatch for the Warmest Spoil Me Sweater of Buttery Goodness in the Whole Wide World (TM), on the size 17 needles. I'm not sure if I'm getting the tension the pattern calls for (7-1/2 stitches by 9 rows in 4x4in), so I'm also doing a gauge swatch on the size 19 needles. I guess I'll take both to the first class and get Olivia's opinion. Since it is such large yarn and an oversized pattern, I don't want to go wrong on the gauge and end up donating my new sweater to Tai Shan's mom.

Malcolm has been really into reading his books lately, especially nursery rhyme classics from his Saba and Barbara and Tickle the Duck from his Auntie Sarah. He actually reaches to tickle the duck.

He's also up to 2 meals a day -- today's menu included peaches and bananas. I can't wait til his next doctor's appointment on Jan. 31 to see how much he weighs. Momma's Lil' Pumpkinhead!

I Usetacould Do Better Than This

You Are 50% Weird
Normal enough to know that you're weird...But too damn weird to do anything about it!
How Weird Are You?

Monday, January 23, 2006

A Few FOs

Here are the only pics I can find so far of the scarves being enjoyed by their recipients:

Rachel surprised at how warm her scarf is.

Mike with the manly scarf.

Sarah showing how not to wear a keyhole scarf.

Did I mention I looooooove scarves?

Mom has promised to send me a photo of her modeling the scarf I made her too. Will publish a photo of the scarf on the needles later when I can gratuitously include Malcolm in the photo. (He's napping now.)

I just realized I have a deadline for this current scarf. My Knitting Projects class starts Feb. 6. I am going to make the "Spoil Me Sweater" from the Colinette pattern book Oren bought me for Hannukkah. So I want to get this scarf done and sent out.

Technically, I couldn't find the Colinette yarn that the sweater pattern calls for, but Karida -- my new yarn buddy at Stitch DC -- recommended this replacement from Blue Sky Alpacas in teal. Ohmygod. It is so sweet. It knits up like buttah...they had a sample at the store.

So today I am going to knit my gauge swatch and try to convince Oren that it is going to be the most beautiful, warmest, Spoil Me Sweater of Buttery Goodness in the Whole Wide World (TM).

I have so many other projects that I want to start for all the other four sisters (M, L, K and N), as well as a baby blanket for my cousin who made Malcolm one. And a baby sweater...because Audrey inspired me...

So much to knit, so little time.

Still Stitchin', Still Bitchin'

This is outrageous.

The Sew Fast Sew Easy store in NYC has taken legal action against small, non-profit Stitch 'n' Bitch groups nationwide, claiming that they own the trademark to "Stitch and Bitch Cafe."

For a company to legally threaten anyone who hosts an informal get-together of knitters is ridiculous. The full story can be found here.

Got mad.
Joined the boycott.
Bought the T-shirt.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bad Blogger. Bad.'s been a while.



Anyone out there??

Didn't think so.

So a short summary:
1. Went to Ocracoke, knitted and knitted, but still didn't get all the Christmas/Hanukkah gifts done, got truck stuck (and unstuck) instead.
2. Went to Indiana, gave away three and a half completed scarves, finished fourth, impressed many people all around, tried to teach knitting to three other people (ha!).
3. Went immediately to Philly, was directed to ultracool knit shop, tried to encourage another person to take up knitting.
4. Came back to D.C., saw very cute panda. IN. REAL. LIFE. Like I said, v. cute.
5. Got sick. Won't go into details because they are really, really gross. Blech.
6. Flew to Eugene, Oregon. Had a spa day, went to the beach, went skiing, saw yet another cool knit shop, learned that once again...Audrey rocks.
7. Came back to D.C. Phew!

So Malcolm and I started traveling Dec. 17 and returned to D.C. on Jan. 15, with only 4 days at home in between. He was a great traveler, mi Senor "Duerma Bastante."

I really want to find family photos posing with my FOs, but haven't yet. Meanwhile, I'm working on this scarf with the Noro Kureyon yarn in the #88 colorway that I bought in Philly with Debra. It's yummy natural yarn that feels so good and I love the striping action. Must knit more...

Also, on the numerous plane rides, I finished "Zen and the Art of Knitting." I recommend it for a lot of good thoughts about the importance of handwork to the psyche and the connection between different types of creativity, i.e. why I started a blog after starting knitting and am now looking into grad school.

Other holiday acquisitions:
1. My lovely honey, my one and only blog reader, got me the Knitters' Bible, a Colinette sweater pattern book and a beautiful book I had been dreaming of...all without prompting!! I love him!!
2. With one of my Christmas gift certificates, I picked up the Zen book and the Stitchionary (I love saying that!).
3. Carolyn and I hit some insane after-holiday sales at Hobby Lobby, and I snatched up some other pattern books for half off.
4. Along with the Noro, I picked up Elizabeth Zimmerman's book and have become a convert.
5. My special order from Annie Modesitt came in, and the scarf I am knitting now is my first with untwisted stitches. Of course, I am using Western knitting, but I can't wait to try Combination on my next project.

Which reminds me, I never wrote abou tthe Twisted Stitches Saga. I'll try to next time, after I see to the baby's crying...

Au revoir.