Monday, February 25, 2013

My corner of the world

So the almost sweater is looking almost like a sweater again, and the Lion is happy this time that it might actually fit him.

I also came up with a screenplay idea that I need to work up into a treatment. A very dark comedy, which sort of fits my mood. I need a corner of the world like this blog to be expressive.  I have not had time to knit lately and just took it up again this weekend. It really helps unblock the creative flow.

Also a funny note: Slim says things are "superiorily" awesome nowadays. Too funny.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Noro in the Wild

The benefit of not blogging for awhile is I can randomly showcase things I made ages ago.

I can't remember if I made this scarf with Noro Furisode or Taiyo. I know it is a cotton and wool mix, with maybe a little silk thrown in.

The pattern is the free Multi-Directional Scarf. I highly recommend it and have now made two of them with Noro yarn.

I have been wearing this scarf constantly this winter. I think the bright colors are cheering me up. January and February usually are my low points, but bright yarn always helps.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Having a ball

My lovely sister, who still doesn't blog her knitting, got me a very special Christmas gift.

The Yarn Harlot linked to this Etsy shop right before the holidays and before you know it, the artist sold out of this little yarn ball mug. With good reason, because it is adorable and makes me feel like my knitting is close at hand even when it isn't.

Luckily, my super smart sister snagged the last one. And I love it.