Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Walking Out

Clearly, my unborn child is exceptional. I mean, he/she fits the profile of only 5 percent of births that occur.

Yep, the midwife thinks Baby Dos is breech. The little critter is in position to walk out of there.

On the one hand, it gives me more to worry about, but on the other, I am proud of the strength of those punches in the ribs I've been getting. I thought it was baby's feet.

There's still time for baby to swim in the other direction. Slim is going to think I'm the one regressing, because the midwife suggested I crawl around on all fours. He and I also will be going to float in the pool more in the coming weeks.

But I'm open to any and all suggestions...

And to keep this from being yet another whiny, picture-less post: Gratuitous Baby Cuteness. This is him being really proud of tasting the watercolor paints...

1 comment:

Rie said...

C'mon Baby Dos! Get your head down and ready so we can see the back of your cute head first. There will be plenty of walking around D.C. when you're out!

I'm sure Slim will have the new one walking by 2 months or so :)

Love you lots!