Monday, January 22, 2007

Let It Snow

Winter finally made it to D.C. Slim got some good use out of his new snow boots and winter pants (Thanks, Gramma!) I had to share the picture with the snowflakes. He is wearing his hat, so it counts as a Handknit Street Style pic too!

Kiddo also got to hang with his babysitter on Friday night while the Cap'n and I enjoyed a great show: Pan's Labyrinth. If it's anywhere near you, go see this movie. It was so well done. The story, the visuals, everything worked together beautifully. It was completely engrossing from the first minute.

Before the show, I also put my B&N gift card from Christmas to use. Okay, maybe plus a little more. I went a little insane: Johnny, Loretta, Nickel Creek, the Highwaymen, the Raconteurs. I haven't had new music in so long, and it is all so good.

So it's random, but it's a post. More news tomorrow. And hey! Maybe I'll have part of my law school apps done too! But don't bet your booty on it...


Anonymous said...

Git dat law skul stuf dun, girl. You don wanna en up ignorant like some other fools. Speaking of which, get some mittens on that boy, out in the cold he's get a terrible cough, and there where will you be?!

Rie said...

Dude, who is this anonymous person? He sounds like a taskmaster! :)

Ben and I've been talking about Pan's Labyrinth for a while. Maybe I'll drag him out tomorrow.

Love you!