Monday, September 04, 2006

Summer in the City

There are many things I like about living in D.C., and just one that I don't.

But what I love is that there are so many cool things to do that are free. On Thursday, Slim and I ventured down to the Kennedy Center to catch a free show at the Millenium Stage. Guess who?

John McCutcheon. (Dad and Karen, I kid you not.)

I was introduced to his hammer dulcimer playing on family vacations, and love his folky music. In an hour show, he played piano, guitar, mandolin, hammer dulcimer, banjo and fiddle. It was awesome!! He does great music for kids and has a new CD out that is a collaboration with poets and authors.

I was going to try to get a photo of Slim and John together, but by the time the concert and CD signing was finishing up, Slim was more than ready to go. He was a perfect angel for the whole show, so I didn't push it.

This is Slim at the fountain outside the Kennedy Center in a pose that I see quite a lot of, particularly lately, but other people who are used to enjoying his lovely moments do not. Mouth open, (imagine screech or grunt here), pointing very determinedly at whatever he wants, many things of which he is not supposed to have.

He's making a lot more word-like sounds, but still not walking. Sigh. I know that I will look back on this time with fondness, remembering how easy it was when he wasn't moving under his own power into many more things he shouldn't be into, but....when is he going to walk?

Soooo other cool things about living in Slim and I went to the Museum of American History to see it before it closes for two years for renovations. We took in the Star Spangled Banner and Slim got the biggest kick out of the America Moves exhibit with trains, cars, trucks and motorcycles. If it's got wheels, it's good.

What don't I like about living in D.C.?

Well, it's been a year, and I still miss NC. I gotta admit it. I miss friends and my job and the whole vibe. I just felt like I was on top of things there, and there are still some days (maybe it's the kid?) where I just struggle to keep up here.

But I'm hoping to meet some cool new knitting friends soon! I went to last Wednesday's first meeting of an SnB at Eastern Market. The Cap'n would love for me to have other people to blather at about yarn....

Speaking of, this is a knitting blog, right? I'm almost done with the leg of the second Welt Fantastic sock, and since I'm trying project monogamy for a while, there's not much else to talk about. Blah. But hopefully I'll have a pic in the next couple of weeks. That'll give me sock for September for the Sock-a-Month KAL. Yay! Unless I start knitting faster, I'm going to have trouble keeping up with my monthly pair of socks commitment.

And the Cap'n has pointed out that cooler weather is coming, and the sweater is still languishing. First sleeve is started, so must get on that...

Haha!! I'm typing this as I listen to Cast-On. I'm rather behind, so I'm only on Episode 28. Knitta Please by Mike Bryant just came on. It's a hardcore gangsta rap song about our craft. It is hilarious!

Knitta Please!


mary said...

Thanks for checking out my crazy socks. Slim is adorable, and I especially love his cool rasta hat. Is there a link to the Welt Fantastic sock? My sister lives just outside DC in VA and we love to visit there. Seems like they have the best yarn stores in the area.

Anonymous said...

Melanie's Twist would look great in Teal!

Enjoy the monthly sock-along. I'm only hoping I can keep up. ;-)

Slim is a cutie-pie

Sarah said...

I'm not sure where you live in the DC area, but we have a fun knitting group that meets every other week in Silver Spring. Let me know if you're interested: tenrec_girl AT yahoo DOT com! It's always great to talk to other knitters :).

sprite said...

I'm so jealous that you went to the concert. I saw he was coming and then totally neglected to write down the date. Oh well! Next time, right!