Wednesday, September 13, 2006

3 Years Later...

Okay, knitting ladies (and gents), I know you'll be jealous. How many of you can say that your non-knitting spouse/partner/s.o. will sit next to you on the couch at the end of a long day of work and discuss the construction of your first sweater? And in such detail that his/her suggestions help you figure out a puzzle you hadn't been able to decipher by yourself?

How many out there have someone who will make yarn color suggestions better than you would have picked out yourself? Who encourages you to hire a babysitter and head out to SnB each week? Who will, without coercion, pick up your sock knitting books and pick out patterns he/she likes? Who BUYS you yarn more than once without any special occasion and without hints?

Who out there can say they are so lucky??


Happy 3rd anniversary, honey!!

(Plus, he's hot.) (And smart.) (And funny.)

In other news, Slim was an absolute angel today and allowed me more than an hour at the Eastern Market SnB. I had to leave when Margaret arrived, but Bryna and Marisa were still there to keep the yarny chat going. I had so much fun, I want to make it a weekly habit.

We also made an outing to Springwater Fiber to get the necessary arsenal for Sock Wars. I bought a 50g ball of Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK in Blue Boy because that was called for in the pattern, but the updated yardage given today is more than in a 50g ball of the Cashsoft. I remembered them having only one other ball of the Blue Boy, so I wanted to get it today before it disappeared.

Okay, I'll admit it, I also acquired a little something else. I couldn't help it! It spoke to me.

Doesn't your yarn whisper to you?

It doesn't?




Rie said...

Happy Anniversary, Dude! You picked a good one!

Nicola said...

Happy Anniversary! You definately got yourself a keeper!

yarnmaniac said...

That something else yarn is pretty!

Sneaksleep said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you're both very lucky!