Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hats Off!

An action series:

I don't wear hats, Mom.

Can't we give it to someone else?

Here, you want it back?

Yep, that's my boy. And my latest FO.

I started a baby hat awhile back with the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Rainbow. I was trying for something lacy and airy, but it wasn't working out well. I wasn't sure how much yarn I had left after making Elongated Corded Rib socks (example to show the pattern) for my stepmother, so I was trying to be cautious.

So I ripped it back the Thursday before our trip to Indiana for Sarah's wedding and started over with the wonderful Lucia's Top Down Spiral Hat pattern. I (heart) this pattern! It's simple and easy and makes a great fitting hat. Perfect airplane knitting, too.

But of course...I ran out of yarn in Indiana.

Dum, da, da, dum...yay for Yarns Unlimited! I ran out right before the rehearsal and found some great Cascade 220 in a perfect John Deere green color. Slim actually picked it out. Nancy, the lady at the shop, was showing me the colors they had that might match the Lorna's , and Slim grabbed for the green and put it up to his cheek. My sweet little yarn snob!

So I was able to add green ribbing and a green/variegated pompom to finish off the hat in a week. It is wild to say the least. I went ahead and made the hat 96 stitches around (what can I say? we have some big heads in my family) and the colors pooled like crazy. It looks variegated in the top at the increases, tie-dyed around the body of the hat and finishes off with green ribbing. The (semi-) still shot:

Slim has a new habit: screaming. Screeching, actually might be a better term for it. I think he's getting in three more teeth, including two top molars. And he took a couple little baby steps today, not a complete walk, but almost. So I think the fussiness is a combination of both of those breakthroughs. It's been a challenge.

Other news is brewing...but more when I'm not so tired...


Rie said...

Brewing or baking? As in "in the oven"? :)

Love you forever and your cute family, too!

Rachet said...

Dude, I love the hat. It is so cute and it looks adorable on Malcolm. He would make anything look cute though. I miss you so much and hope I can come see you soon. Love you always and forever. Your sista


Paula said...

Oh what a cutie!!! Great hat and cool stripey socks too.
I remember my son when he was that little and he used to do that screeching thing. He is going on 19 now and someday I think he will out grow it. LOL!
I am enjoying knitting the digger sweater and that book "handknits for kids" is so great, I am already thinking of making the dinosaur sweater and hat next!