Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No Doom and Gloom Here

Our internet was down for a day, and the whole time I went around saying, "I'm not dead yet! I feel much better."

I still have not heard from my Sock Wars assassin, but my target has been sweet enough to leave me emails and a blog comment. Go check out her blog and ogle her pretty sock yarn.

I'm up to the heel of my second Sock of Doom and I hope to have it done and in the mail tomorrow. Cashsoft is nice and soft, and very cushy, but I WILL NEVER knit another sock from it. The gauge is right, but my tension is really wonky and is giving me fits at the heels. Not to mention I made a mistake at the gusset last night and had to rip back four rounds, and the sock would have ended up thrown across the room behind the TV in a fit of pique, but the Cap'n saved it. The yarn splits terribly and I had to pick up each loop individually with a crochet hook and put it back on the needles. What a PITA.

(But P.S.: Isn' t the Cap'n awesome? He sat with me after he got home from work and helped me get the last few uncooperative loops back on the needles and the Socks of Doom moving again. He rocks.)

We've got a sick kiddo in the house, so we'll have to see if a Post Office visit is in my future. Last night he had a 103.7 fever and he's still out of it today. The doctor this morning did not think he had an ear infection, but said it might still come out. I think he's picked up a virus or something from the other germy kids at the park. Whatcha gonna do. He's made it 15 months incredibly healthy, so I'm grateful. But I will be glad when my happy little boy is back.

I have had a ROCKIN' 30th birthday. The Cap'n has a ball winder on order for me, and brought home Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham. It's one of those books where easily half of the designs would look ridiculous on me, but yet I want to knit almost ALL of them. The photos are gorgeous and I am kvelling over the Fair Isle pullover knit on the bias.

Cap'n's family sent me a gift card that I used for Debbie Bliss Celtic Knits, as well as one of these. (?) I also got a gift card to buy some prego clothes for later when I get huge, too. And I still have gift cards to Barnes and Nobles and Knit Happens to use.

OK, so now is reader poll time: What yarn would you buy if you didn't have to worry about price? I am very, very tempted by some silky Alchemy yarns, but then isn't this the perfect opportunity to justify some cashmere of my very own? Decisions, decisions.

FYI, we are now decorating with yarn. I'm not going to say it's because we're out of yarn storage under the couch.

I'm just sayin'.

Thank you, Rie, for my wonderful birthday yarn!! I love it. (FYI for readers, the pink/green/cream is a superwash self-striping and the blue/green/purple is rayon. I already have a plan in mind for that one!)


stinky socks said...

ooooh, my socks are pretty!! Dieing will be great!! I better get a move on and thank you for what you said about me, you have no idea what it means to me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Stinky - you're dead. Bang bang. That awful sound. You hit the ground. My baby shot you down.

The Cap'n.

Rie said...

Dude...you're welcome. Happy Birthday! I love that you're going to have some watermelon socks when you're done with that yarn!

I hope you knit a really warm and lovely scarf, too.

Smooches to the little guy. Auntie sez, "Take this immune challenge and show it who's boss!"

Love ya!