Thursday, September 14, 2006

One Down, One to Go

I promised myself I wouldn't blog again until I had an FO to show you. Luckily, that didn't take too long.

"Tripping the Welt Fantastic" Socks
Yarn: Heirloom Jigsaw 4ply (75% wool, 25% nylon), color 29
Needles: Boye US2, 2.75mmm (set of 4)
Pattern: Sensational Knitted Socks
From: Yarns Unlimited, Bloomington, IN
Started: May-ish?
Finished: Sept. 14

This was my first self-striping yarn, so I got excited and cast on for it right away on the first needles I could find while I was still in Indiana visiting family. And that's how I discovered that I (heart!) 5 dpns. Knitting with only 4 dpns was a real pain.

Gauge? I'm sorry? What? I cast on 60 stitches, and should have gone up to 66. These go on my Size 10W feet, but the YOs are r-e-a-l-l-y stretched out. Carrie just made some the exact same size for her much smaller feet, so mine are going to have to be gifts.

These are also my first top down socks, and since I had no idea how much yarn I would need, I only did 5 pattern repeats on the leg and foot. Which means I have enough yarn left over to probably make a third sock. Sigh.

Also I don't dig the garter stitch cuff. For some reason I found it to be pure drudgery on the first sock, and that's why SSS set in. It took me forever to cast on for the second sock.

Also, Kitchener stitch. Enough said.

Just kidding. I was so THRILLED (annoyed as shit) at all the OPPORTUNITIES (hellish moments) practicing my Kitchener stitch. Making the forethought heel (the bullseye pattern on the heel is one of the best things about the socks) meant I had to Kitchener the heel and the toe. That's 4, F-O-U-R, grafts. Ugh.

Sorry about the blurry pictures. Would you like to see one of the reasons why?

Slim learned how to nod his head yesterday, and thinks it's hilarious when I say 'yes,yes,yes,yes" really fast. He nods along until he gets all confused and just starts nodding and shaking his head all at once, around and around in a circle.

All that's left before Sock Wars is The Sweater. One sleeve, one collar and making up to go. Wish me luck.


mary said...

Your socks look great! For my green stealth socks, I used Koigu KPPPM in a green/yellow combination; there are no color numbers except there's a dye code/lot: P514 244. This is really the greatest stuff, and if you haven't knit on it before, your first time will be a wonderful treat. Good luck on Sock Wars! I'm too much of a chicken to try it out, but i did sign up for Socktoberfest. Thanks for the tip on Lolly's blog about sock row gaps. I gotta go there now.

Carrie said...

Yee haw, good luck in Sock Wars! Although I like socks, I didn't want it to be a chore (plus I like fancy stiches don'tcha know, which take longer, plus I am not the fastest knitter...)

I am almost done with the back to the Salina sweater - I'll race you to sweater completion! (ha ha, you will surely win - no sleeves or front done!)

Ashley said...

Isn't the self-striping yarn great? It's just so entertaining to knit with.

Good luck with sock wars! I really need to get around to knitting a test swatch.