Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mission: Possible

I had a crisis of confidence, and I wasn't sure I would make it out of the first round. But my Sock Wars target has met her maker!

Alas, poor Stinky Socks.

Sorry about the poor lighting, but the weaving in of ends kept me up past midnight. And really the socks aren't two different sizes, it was just the angle the Cap'n was shooting from. But I think Stinky Socks will like her final blow. She had a great e-death scene!

Haven't heard yet from my assassin, and had a bad scare this afternoon when the postman knocked on the door, but it was a package for Slim. I expect my death blow any minute.

Need to get some sleep. Unfortunately we're traveling this weekend, so the posts will be light.


stinky socks said...

Great job!! I'm sooo excited to die this way!! I'll post pics of the death scene! Thanks again for all your hard work and making mine look bad!;-)

Sneaksleep said...

Congrats on taking out your target! The socks look really comfy and soft, even if they were a royal pain to knit. See you next week?

mary said...

The socks look great. Poor stinky socks for getting assassinated but she has a fabulous consolation prize. I've actually knit the MD scarf before, and I agree it's perfect for Noro. I just get antsy and rarely go back and knit the same pattern again. A new frontier and all that crap. Who's your next sock target? Can I volunteer to be target practice for you? LOL

Carrie said...

I considered sock wars, but figures I would accomplish *nothing* else in the meantime.

The yarn for Swallowtail is Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud. I loves me some cheap yet quality yarn! I did Icarus in Shadow, and I have some Gossamer that I received from my lace swap pal but have never used. Shadow seems thicker than the Alpaca Cloud (merino v. alpaca) although they are the same yardage and weight, but I shall reserve final judgement until after blocking. (Oh, the color is Tide Pool.)

Time to dig out my Salina notes! (I was making such good progress too!)

Eileen said...

Hey, Muthaknitter! Your socks are done! Now what really sucks is that I keep finishing my ISODs on Saturday nights (OK, it's early Sunday) and can't mail them out till Monday! This yarn is really nice, I wish I could keep them!

Your previous assassin did not give me your snail mail address, so can you email it to me?