Wednesday, September 20, 2006

When is a WIP not a WIP?

Answer 1: When it is not on the needles

That there, folks, is one big pile o' knittin' a'waitin' for blockin'. The sweater is off the needles (for now) and is about to be spray blocked. Carrie has thrown down the gauntlet to finishing the sweater and no amount of taunting will throw me off track! Haha! (How did she deduce my vulnerability to a race?)

Blocking, however, will kill me. Why, oh why, did I not have the good sense of some *people* (ahem, again, Carrie) and block each piece as I finished it??? Ask me how long it will take extra bulky alpaca/wool to dry, go ahead! I DON'T KNOW!! But I'm guessing near forever.

Nevermind. Onward and upward. Now that it's actually starting to look like a sweater, I want to wear it already. And did I mention it's fall?

Answer 2: When it is about to be pulled off the needles and completely frogged

Last time it appeared on "As the Needles Turned," the Bamboo tank top was being looked forward to as a fun summer piece to actually be worn in the summer. May I refer you to a calendar? It's September. And the tank top hasn't changed much since this photo in July.

I have to admit, I got a little discouraged. I reached 12 repeats out of 14 on the lace border then measured it to realize, duh, I haven't got gauge. I knit so tight, I know that whatever the pattern calls for, I automatically should go up a size. But for this one, because I'm stubborn, I started in with a US4. So it's to the frog pond for the bamboo to be knit up next spring when I'm closer to being a normal size again.

Answer 3: When it is on the needles but you disavow all knowledge of said project and only work on the not-a-WIP when you are alone and not around *someone* keeping track of your WIPs with a goal of reducing WIPs


In other WIP-y news, Slim got a gold star at the pediatrician's office. He weighs a grand total of 21 pounds, 4 ounces. For those of you counting, that's still in the 5th percentile. But he's about 31 inches, which is exactly average for height. So Slim keeps his nickname.

Still not walking, but the doc said she thought he would be sometime in the next few weeks. There's nothing apparently developmentally wrong with him, he just doesn't care to walk. I told her, he can crawl over to his bookshelf and sit for 10-15 minutes just flipping through his books and "reading." If I ask him to bring me the fish book, he brings me "One Fish, Two Fish." If I ask him to bring me the dog book, he brings me "Go, Dog, Go."
So I'm not worried. He'll get around to walking one day.

Baby 2 is also still growing swimmingly. I go in next week for another appointment with the midwives.

But now for a new WIP! The Sock Wars pattern just landed in my inbox.

Death to Stinky Feet!

Knit or die!


stinky socks said...

YEEK! That's me your threatening!! I actually am worried cause I see my untimely demise in your more skilled then I am. Gonna hide from the mailman, I'll show you HAHAHA!!

Carrie said...

Dang! Sweater off the needles? Wah! (Must knit faster...)

Oh, and really I only block in pieces because it's the only way I *can* block. I only have the one corkboard, and it is only big enough for, say, a sweater back. Otherwise I would copletely put it off until the last possible moment (procrastinator am I). Until I see the final product I shall consider myself still in the race...

Linda said...

They (kids) also potty train when they're ready, take a cup when they're ready, and tie their shoes when they're ready. You could add a hundred more. My "long-tall skinny" is now a beefy manchil' of 26. If they're healthy, no worries, mom!