Monday, October 02, 2006

October Opens Randomly

First off, a Happy Socktoberfest to you!

(I had to pick the beer stein sock button because I can't have any beer for another 5 months.)

I am working on a pair of chevron socks from Sensational Knitted Socks in a black/grey/white striped yarn, which I am too lazy to look up right now. I also have a Magic! Loop! pair on the needles in Claudia's Handpainted Caribbean Blue.

Sense a little sock ennui there?

It's actually kinda funny: Since I finished up my fastest pair of socks yet for Sock Wars, I immediately cast on for something not sock-y, thinking that I'm a little burned out on them. But I'm still cheering and rooting for handknit socks everywhere! Maybe I'll be inspired by others' socks to finish up one of the two pairs I've got going. I don't want to fall behind in my Sock-a-Month commitment.

Last night I started a hat for Slim, since it is getting colder and we can't seem to keep hats around here that fit him. I'm using Cabin Fever's Kids' Knitted Hats book that I got half price at Michael's a while back. I made a hat out of here for Slim before (my first Fair Isle project) and it turned out great, but way too big for him.

This one is a slipped stitch pattern, which I am modifying to knit from the top-down based on Lucia's awesome pattern calculator. I wanted to use up all of the yarn, and at the same time, I'm worried I may run out of one color. It's Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in Midnight Green and Limeade that I've had in the stash almost since I started knitting last November. I originally bought it for the Alien Illusion scarf out of Stitch 'n' Bitch, only to realize I don't like illusion knitting all that much.

I did not knit on the hat at Yom Kippur services today, but committed KIP at the park this morning. It's actually an incredibly easy stitch pattern to do while walking.

But now to the actual randomness from the title of the post. Or "Things That I Want to Write Down Before I Forget."

1. Didn't you used to love how every Rocky & Bulwinkle episode had a second title?

2. The MPD officer who patrols around Eastern Market rides a Segway scooter. Do you and your significant other ever make up stories and back stories for just random people you see? The Cap'n and I do. We were killing ourselves laughing about Officer Segway (Segue) and about how he probably never finishes writing people tickets because he's off on another segue as soon as he starts. (Okay, our weird sense of humor is probably what attracted us to each other.)

3. I started to feel the baby move. Love those little flutters.

4. We tried to go to Philadelphia this weekend for the Cap'n's cousin's movie premiere. We ended up spending 6 hours in the car and not getting farther than Silver Spring, so we cut our losses and went home. This is what you get for trying to leave town at 3pm on a Friday.

5. Slim is still doing sign language and knows "more," "please," "thank you," and "bed" consistently. It tickles me to no end that he already has some manners.

6. Two packages are waiting for me at the post office. Aaiiiieee!

I know there are some more things, but they'll have to wait until I'm not tired and hungry. Progress photos on the hat tomorrow!


Rie said...

Hooray for baby flutters, and hooray for Slim's sign language! He is quite a little gentleman at the table. It's probably because you and his daddy are so sweet at asking "please" and saying "thank you."

Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

More about officer Segway, please.
And how did you spend 6 hours in the car and only get to Silver Spring? Do tell.