Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ooh, Zippy

So yesterday, I had to get to a doctor's appointment, and Oren had to take the Orangemobile into work early. Que un problemo, right?

Hello, Zipcar!

What a nifty little concept. All I had to do was activate my card, and in less than 5 minutes I could reserve a car for the same day. I got the Scion xB "Bapka" that lives near the Potomac Avenue Metro station. If I want, I can even reserve a car back in our old hometown. And the 3.5 hours cost us just $30.

When we were still car shopping, I wanted to check out the xB, but after driving the xA and being incredibly disappointed, we didn't bother. And I am glad. The xB feels Grand Canyon big on the inside, but it feels like it has even less pick-up than my Honda Civic CX did. It is sooo sloooooow. But Bapka was a great alternative to the Pathfinder.

A sad story: Oren bought the Pathfinder not long after we started dating, and it's been everywhere with us, including to Ocracoke for our wedding and Maine for our honeymoon. But it has what the mechanic calls "a rust condition" and is no longer drivable. Tomorrow I'm going to try to get the paperwork together to donate it. Bye, bye, Nissan. We've loved you.

All the other bloggers are talking about the heatwave, and I don't have much else to add but: DAMMMNN. It is hot. It's too hot to knit at the park while the kid plays, as Slim and I have been doing each morning, but I am going to try to do more knitting inside where it's cool.


Anonymous said...

It's not too hot to go for a run, it it?

Ginny said...

Yes, "anonymous."

Liza said...

Hi, Ginny. I really loved your comment on my blog but messed up replying. Now I've found your great blog and though I'd say hi and thanks for the comment. Actually, speaking as a KMOB (Knitting Mother of the Bride), I have to confess that our very first stop as we turned into the Outer Banks -- before we even checked our vast KMOB luggage and tired selves into the hotel -- was to Knitting Addiction. It was my last self-indulgence until the wedding was over and a really good idea. Love your darling baby!