Friday, August 11, 2006

Day. Made.

Scene is a busy city intersection where three roads intersect and several crosswalks lead from island to island where grass goes haphazardly. I'm walking the dog with the kid in the Snugli backpack, which conveniently comes with a side pouch that can nicely hold a ball of yarn. I'm working on the Garter Rib socks (v. easy pattern) as we're on our way to the park.

A woman about my age in the passenger seat of a Jetta stopped at the light rolls down her window. I can see some kids strapped in the back seat. She shouts at me, as she pumps her hand in the air:

"I know that's right! Multitask, Mom! That's right!"

My day was made.

It was a good day today. I got a chance to catch up on sleep this afternoon when the boys went to an outdoor city pool. Then the family took a walk down to Eastern Market to shop for dinner tonight.

Knitting progress photos soon!


Mom said...

It still is a mircle how you can walk the dog, walk my beautiful grandson and be knitting at the same time!!! I was never that good at multi-tasking, I know I would loose tract of stiches. You are a great Mom and he has a wonderful Father that he can look to for guidance, he is truly blessed!!! Love


Rie said...

I love your neighborhood. I really miss walking to the grocery store. We still go every night because we're used to it.
Multi-tasking = awesome Mom skills.
Love ya!