Thursday, August 10, 2006

A New Addition

I have been incredibly remiss in introducing a new member of our family. He's small, he's cute...he's June!

(Not June)

It's actually incredibly difficult to get a photo of a Betta fish in a small "Lavarium" tank. The Lavarium is an aquarium shaped like a lava lamp with different colored lights. Groovy.

June (he's named after Slim's birth month) is the same colors as the Betta pictured above. Quite beautiful blues, purples and reds. I'd like to find a yarn the same colors as June. This one looks nice! And cashmere too!

June lives on the bedside table next to Slim's crib. For a few weeks, I don't think he knew June was there. But then, one day after he woke up from a nap, I saw him cruise over to the end of his crib, stick his hand through and pat June's tank, saying, "aaah laa baa laa ah-ah-ah."

I think that means, "Hi, fish. Have you had lunch yet? Because I haven't and I think Mom should really get out of bed and feed me again."

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Rie said...

I love June! Clearly the boy loves his fish, too. Betas rock!