Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Fiber-y Day

Today the family made a trip over to the Textile Museum here in D.C. It was the last day for the "Seldom Seen" exhibit of materials in the museum's collection that have either never been exhibited or haven't been seen in years. Here's a sampling.

The pieces in the collection were thought-provoking. Such a fantastic variety of textiles from around the world, woven, embroidered, looped, etc. The mantle of the shaman from Peru particularly sticks in my mind for the unusual embroidery.

In the interactive room, there was even a chance to spin, except that the spindle was missing its hook. Harumph. But on the other hand, probably a good thing. There would literally be no place to sit down if I took up spinning too. And where would I keep the sheep?

Speaking of knitting, I finished the first fall sock, and being a good knitter, promptly cast on for the second sock. I hope it won't take me as long to finish. I'm going to join the Sock-a-Month KAL so I'll be motivated to work through all my current WIPs and stay focused on going through the stash.

But to distract you from slow knitting, a kid picture:

He's teething, and is a real bear sometimes. I shouldn't complain, though, because he is still incredibly good-natured, considering. Are all parents as fascinated by their kids as we are? He's making new noises, practicing more lu, wu, blu-type sounds with his tongue and lips, and it is hilarious. Sometimes I wonder if he's going to talk before he walks.

Must go. Falling asleep typing. The little early riser is up every day by 6am.


Anonymous said...

That is one cute bear you got there. Good luck finishing the second sock, and the other stuff you have on the needles. just think, soon as they're done you can start working on that pretty cotton silk blue and white wonder yarn.

Rie said...

Sheep! In your apartment?! Maybe you could start a community garden-like project, except have sheep grazing on a common and share the wool and meat. That would be kind of cool...but lots of work and maybe not legal in D.C. I have two new piggies named Rocky and Appal (pronounced like the fruit). They're quite hilarious.

I love the boy picture! He's growing so fast. I love his toothy grin! Can't wait to see you all soon!

Love ya!

yarnmaniac said...

Cutie boy! My child was talking for a year before she walked. I'm not kidding.


Susan said...

What a cutie! I love that toothy/toothless grin.