Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nothing Beats Good Sox

The weather has finally cooled off a bit, but I'm still not overly motivated to work on the Sweater That Shall Not Be Named. Bulky alpaca/wool is a challenge even in an air conditioned apartment.

So I'm all about the socks. Not to mention that 3 of the UFOs hanging about are socks, and I can't touch the Cap'n's Debbie Bliss gift until the UFOs are ALL done, so, hey, I'm feeling the sock love.

I went ahead and joined up on the Knittin' Mom's KAL to get motivated on finishing up the socks I've started. Check out all the other participants' socks on her page. Plus I like her thoughts about breastfeeding and high MPG cars!

Speaking of boobage, (I know, you're saying, we were?) the boy has mostly stopped breastfeeding now that he's chowing down on 3 meals plus snacks a day. He had a little milk today, but generally he is even able to fall asleep without it. There are some times when he needs to be cuddled extra, and I'm more than happy to do so, just so he knows that even though the milk isn't flowing, the love is.

OK. Back to work on the sox. Must. Knit. More.

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