Thursday, June 22, 2006

So Pretty, So Loopy

It is fitting that my new favorite knitting activity has "loop" in the title. You know, like me? A little loopy!!

That little hat sitting on the top of the very pretty Caribbean Blue colorway from Claudia's Handpainted Yarns is the start of a toe-up sock on one US 1 32" Addi Turbo. (Insert Brenda Dayne sound here...very zoomy.)

I used two resources last night to impetuously cast on for this sock. I already had the Fiber Trends booklet as a reference, and then I found this page also. (This one is pretty useful, too.)

Y'all. Why didn't you tell me Magic Loop was so easy?

(Sidenote: I can hear Cap'n asking right now about the tank top. Don't worry, it's coming along nicely. I've memorized the lace border pattern. But I may need an artificial deadline to get it finished. You know, from one journalist to another, we work better with deadlines. )

You will note that the main online reference I used shows you how to work two socks at once. Whoo-hoo! I am currently facing second sock syndrome doing the Welt Fantastic, so I'm into anything that will get both socks done at once. I also have a couple balls of yarn that I'm not sure how far they will go. So I figure with Magic Loop I can do both at once, get the longest socks possible and not let any yarn go to waste.

I am loving the Magic Loop, but I'm only on the toe increases for the first sock. Is there a connection? Once I get those done, I'll put it on a holder and do the other sock toe. The foot (AHEM, feet) should be no problem.

However, you think it might be a problem that I've only skimmed over the instructions for the heel and gusset? You know, the difficult parts when you're only doing one sock at a time on the tried and true DPNs? Hmm, I think that might say a lot about my personality right there.

Anyway, between the easy start of the Magic Loop and a glorious hour and a half to myself while Cap'n took Slim (Malcolm's new nickname) to the park, I'm feeling more confident today. I think because everything moves at a snail's pace when I'm with baby, I was starting to think I'm a bit of dimbulb, slow in every way.

I've been thinking of making some life changes that require a modicum of brains to pull together my thoughts, and really after a year, I don't know if I can blame it on mommy brain anymore. Maybe I should read the book so she can tell me that I really am smarter if all my grammar skills have been replaced by memorizing the collected works of Sandra Boynton.

So I needed a pick-me-up, a kick in the shorts along the Stuart Smalley line of thinking. Thank you, Magic Loop, for providing one!

"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, my needles like me!"

(She says to the echoing ether...)

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