Saturday, February 04, 2006

One Weird Day

How is it that after a day of Malcolm's first swim lesson and selling my car, the only thing we can talk about is the weirdo who came and camped out at our house?

Just to get it off my chest...

So Oren got a guy lined up to sell my Honda to this morning. And after that, we decided to take a ride around some neighborhoods to look at houses. While we're riding around, we get a call from a guy who says he's driven in from Pennsylvania to look at the car. It's the brother of a guy who called about the car last weekend and said he would come look at it and never did.

Not 5 minutes after looking at the car, he tells Oren, "I don't feel good, I'm having a bad reaction to some medicine. I'm dizzy and I need to lay down." So Oren, being a good sport and having benefited from the kindness of strangers before, says sure.

Sure, for 10-15 minutes. But for two hours? Two hours he lays in the bedroom of our 550-sf apartment while we hang out with the kid and the dog in the living room. This strange dude we've never met before who comes to drive my car and doesn't and instead camps out in our apartment.

And then ASKS TO STAY THE NIGHT. He says, "I trust you guys. I just need to rest for 8-9 hours until I feel better." Oren says the options are: 1. We take you to a hospital so you can be observed by professionals or 2. We'll get you a hotel room so you can rest and leave in the morning. You CANNOT stay in our apartment. Did I mention it's only 550 square feet?

After much dithering on his part -- maybe I'll drive, maybe I can just stay here with you -- we drive him to a hotel on the way to sell the car to the guy in the morning who wanted to buy it. We buy the hotel room, Oren gives him $20 for dinner and a Metro card to get back to our neighborhood tomorrow so he can pick up his car.

The kicker: He says, "Well, can you just come get me in the morning?" Umm, NO.

So we've done our mitzvah for Shabbat. We put the poor guy up in a hotel room, fed him dinner, let him sleep in our bed and gave him a Metro card.

But stilll...


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