Thursday, February 02, 2006

Born to Knit

Ta-da!! And here we have Mom with her new scarf...and shorts. Apparently, now that I am making cold weather goodies (scarves, etc.), I am responsible for global warning. Check out this map and #26. See?

See, that's the thing about Moms, and one of the best things about mine. She will wear, hang, frame, highlight and just generally show off A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G her children make. Just because they made them. Even if she's naturally warm all the time and it's 50 degrees out in January. Love her.

And that completes our showing-off of FOs for the time being. I officially have way more yarn in the stash than I will be able to use in at least the next 6 months unless I suddenly develop flying fingers. I'm going to work on a stash busting spree.

Have I mentioned I need a new tote bag for the Warmest Spoil Me Sweater of Buttery Goodness in the Whole Wide World (TM)? Hmm. Just did. I also think I may make an Ikea run to get my stash organized with some nice yarn boxes. We'll see what hubby can be talked into liking.

I'm blogging while listening to Cast On, the brilliant podcast from Brenda Dayne, an American expat in Wales. Someone else yammering on about knitting? I am THERE.

I can hear my husband muttering under his breath, "You mean I have to listen to someone else go on and on about this?!?!?" Well, no, if I get an IPod for Valentine's Day, I'll definitely get headphones, too. Of course, I'm just thinking of you, honey.

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