Sunday, February 05, 2006

Everything's Going Swimmingly

Bye, bye, Honda. You've been a wonderful car. All I wanted was a car with air conditioning and a CD player to drive back and forth to work. You came along and I thought you were a little on the expensive side, considering your 92,000 miles, but you won me over with your little hatchback bubble butt.

We had a lot of good trips, and I could always count on you to get me back and forth to work reliably. But then the munchkin came along and your odometer kept turning over and over. We needed four doors and air conditioning in the same car...and preferably something with less than 150,000 miles.

So you've found a new home, and I'm sure you'll be happy. He seems like a nice guy who keeps his cars clean. Have a good life. We'll miss you.

Selling your car = $3500
Selling your car and wearing your pre-pregnancy jeans = Priceless

On top of that, Malcolm had his first swim "lesson" yesterday. He was the youngest by a year in our Parent and Child swim class. But as soon as he got in the baby pool, he splashed around and had the best time. Oren says you could tell the baby had fun because of how loud he screamed when we had to get dressed and leave. Malcolm also fell asleep as soon as we started walking home.

Knitting summary: 2 repeats out of 9 done on Elizabeth's baby blanket; sweater class starting tomorrow!

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