Friday, February 03, 2006

And Some Final Thoughts

I'm not sure what I'm retired from, but if I am, do I get more time to knit?

My first blocking is complete, on the Noro multi-directional scarf. I'm talking it up like it was more than the slight steaming it was, but the anxiety I had about it beforehand makes it a big deal, OK?

The blocking makes a slight difference, but just noticable enough. I think it looks good, so off it goes in the mail tomorrow to Philly as a thank you gift. Debra told Oren today that she tried to take up knitting after visiting her LYS with me, but didn't get on well with it. I'm hoping that she tries again. The first couple of weeks were hell when I started (yep, yep, back in the good ole days of November 2005), and I still haven't finished the scarf we started in class, but it taught me the value of persistence.

To bed, to bed, said Sleepyhead.

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