Monday, December 05, 2005

Roux-ing the Day

Yeesh, where did the weekend go? I KNOW -- into the most gigantic 10-quart pot of gumbo that has ever been made outside of Louisiana.

Oren's co-worker challenged him to bring in gumbo and chicory coffee so they could get in the mood to talk about New Orleans. Never one to let a cooking project go by, Oren found this recipe to try. I tried to talk him into the New Basics (my cooking Bible) version, but NOOOO. That would be too easy.

10 pounds of chicken
4 pounds of shrimp
1.5 pounds of crabmeat
and 3 pounds of sausage later....

That's some damn good gumbo.

However, that was not the mood yesterday in the middle of the roux. It's just a cup of oil and a cup and a half of flour, but it was the bane of my existence trying to get it to turn "milk chocolate" brown.

To the tune of "Camptown Races"

We roux-ed the day we made this roux
Roux-wah, roux-wah.
This roux we made is really rude,
Oh roux-wah way.

So after 24 hours of cooking, Oren went off to work today with a huge Le Creuset pot full of the stuff, and we still have more than half of a stockpot left.

I'm still in the middle of Mike's scarf, and if I don't finish it soon, I am going to get totally bored with it. Hopefully I'll have a finished picture to post tonight and I can start on the next project, an illusion scarf for Mom.

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering here: So how did you get roped into making the roux for Oren's cooking project?

And was it really 10 pounds of chicken? That's a lot of bird.

So what's the next cooking project going to be?