Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Money. It's a Drag.

I'll see you a "sonofabitch" and raise you a "goddamn."

I freakin' hate dealing with money and budgets and stupid, goddamn expenses. It makes me want to curse like a Southeast Asian frigate sailor drugged and stuffed through a hole in the floor in the back of a bar who wakes up to find himself on a slow boat to China to work in the salt mines. (Thank you, Tom Waits, for that inspiration.)

We are preparing our papers to talk to a financial advisor, and I'm going to get Quicken for my computer. We're getting things in order -- I JUST HATE IT. I have a mindblock against math, to put it mildly.

Frankly, it makes me want to buy yarn. Lots of other bloggers seem to be talking about this kind of yarn. I like the really bright color combinations. And how about some of this so that I can learn to make socks. And how about some of this because I'm digging the hand-painted vibe.

And THIS because it's the most expensive thing I could find in my short search.

Wow. I feel better just threatening to buy more yarn.

And this, this and this.


You think I got money problems now? Ha.

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