Wednesday, December 28, 2005

On Vacay

The blog has been quiet while the boys and I traveled down to Ocracoke for the week before Christmas/Hanukkah, and now I am up in Indiana with the family. 4 FOs. Yay me!!!!

The grand total:
1. Rowan Biggy Print seed stitch keyhole scarf for Sarah.
2. Rowan Ribbon Twist K2,P2 ribbed scarf for Mike.
3. Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in Pumpkin for Rachel, using the pattern on the ball.
4. Lion Brand Mystery keyhole scarf for Mom.

Mom got the whole kit and caboodle wrapped up in her present, because I wasn't finished with hers when I got here. So I just fringed it last night, and now it's about 50 degrees and way too warm to wear it.

I will try to get a FO family photo for my next post.

The trip to Ocracoke was relaxing and productive. I finished Rachel's scarf and started Mom's. Ocracoke is where Oren and I got married two years ago, the weekend before Hurricane Isabel struck.

The trip to Indiana has been busy, busy -- with trips to visit family and friends and make all the rounds before we fly back to D.C. on Friday. If I can, I will post more photos. I tried to find an LYS here, but so far Hobby Lobby has been my closest yarn stop.

Yesterday, my cousin Carolyn and I took a Mom's Day Out and went yarn shopping. I found a set of six needles half off because they were candy cane-striped and some yarn to practice crocheting on.

I'm also trying to teach my sister Rachel how to knit, which makes me nervous because of my Unfinished Post about the great Saga of the Twisted Stitches. I know I still have to write about that, but I need to do more research first. I also have not yet been home to receive my Annie Modesitt knitting book, which I think will help me figure out my knitting.

I just hope I can teach Rachel what I know and then she can take a class to get really good at it. She's already picked up more in one evening than I did in a week.

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