Friday, December 09, 2005

Knitting Projects

That's the class I just signed up for at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. The class description says to pick a challenging project and to get through with the teacher's support. So...

I think I want to make a sweater. I haven't really started searching for patterns yet, but this is the first one that I stumbled across that I really like. Once I get the scarves done for Christmas/Hanukkah, I'm going to get my materials. I'll look for patterns over Christmas break.

I also signed up the kiddo for a Sing and Sign class. I've been using the Signing Smart with Babies and Toddlers book to try to start Malcolm on some signs. He seems to really pay attention to my hands when I sign, and I think I've picked up a couple of signs that he's given, but I think a class will help us. Plus we'll start meeting some other kids and moms.

I'm off to Springwater today to get one more ball of the Berroco Foliage in Asters. I got two balls, but then I found this pattern for a Multi-Directional Scarf on another knitblog. Thanks, Shetha! Shetha is the designer of the Alien Illusion scarf that I want to make Oren for Hanukkah. I've been checking out her blog for links to other knitters. I'm loving the whole online community that's out there.

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