Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Well, That Was Quick

Our offer on the house was rejected. Apparently, an investor made an offer significantly above asking price (which we couldn't have afforded anyway), so that's that.

I'm a bit devastated. And I can't cry because I don't want to upset the kid.

I am going to try to count my blessings, that I have a nice, warm (tiny) place to live and a good husband and a healthy baby and an uneventful pregnancy and a dog that loves to cuddle up to me.

But you might have to give me five minutes....


aija said...

I'm sorry... the housing market is getting insane. I hope you have a good holiday :)

Anonymous said...

Don't cry. You'll find something even nicer and better than that little place. You listed everything you need for happiness. The home search will work itself out.