Tuesday, December 19, 2006

WARNING: Grumpiness Ahead

Well, actually, not until Dec. 22nd...we put an offer in on a house today and gave them until Friday to respond. I don't have high hopes, especially since I actually like the house, it's in D.C. in a not-so-bad neighborhood and it's not an absolute shithole.

The Cap'n doesn't want the house anyway, so it'll probably be better to have the (low) offer we made rejected. Our realtor had me write a cover letter, and that helped me get some of the emotions of wanting the house out, so now if it doesn't work out, I can rationalize that it's because the seller is a Grinch.

Welcome to the Cranky Zone.

I was hoping this post would have a picture of some finished watermelon socks, but I've had no time to knit at all. Also the second short-row heel is coming out with bumps on both sides, though no holes. And I'm worried that I might run out of yarn. Whoo-hoo! We're a barrel of laughs around here, aren't we?

So, let's change the subject, eh?

Happy Hanukkah!!

As we were lighting candles this morning with the boy, I was trying to count my blessings, I really was. He's digging the 8 days of presents, once he learned that there was something cool behind the paper. And he's learned to cheer when we spin the dreidel.

So far we haven't missed a night of candle-lighting. On Saturday, the Cap'n made latkes for friends visiting from Philly. And in the grand tradition of gift-giving for the Cap'n, I've had my usual 50 percent success rate with presents. So it's back to the store tomorrow for a return. I'm sure there won't be any crowds, right?

Sorry. I was going to drop the negativity, wasn't I. I'm sounding like this...

Hello, we're horrible parents who take pictures of our child having a screaming temper tantrum. Don't you wish this thing came with sound? He's fully hit the terrible twos 6 months early. What a funny little boy...he's also taken to walking backwards lately. Why?

I have to share this story about him. Yesterday at the park, Slim picked up a ball just laying on the ground and started to walk toward me with it. All of a sudden, this 5-year-old boy with his 3 or 4-year-old sister ran up and grabbed the ball out of Slim's hands. The girl was giving Slim the evil eye and standing between him and her brother. She had her arms crossed and was trying to stare Slim down for having the nerve to pick up the ball.

She stuck out her hand in the universal "STOP" sign to Slim, as if to say he better never even think about getting that ball or any other ball, for that matter. So what does Slim do?

He gives her a high five and walks away.

Y'all. He is a funny kid.

And I did get to finally open my gift from North Carolina. May I present a Big Ole Box O' Yarn?

I have ideas, thoughts, inspirations from this...I'm actually thinking about the "C" word...

Likely no posts til Indiana this weekend...and I promise to be in the Hanukkah spirit by then, 'kay?

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aija said...

I'm so giggling at the high five story. What a cutie :)

(Some of my most favorite photos of my son are those of him crying!)