Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Random Wednesday

1. I love Wednesdays. It's my favorite day of the week. I think it's a leftover from school, when it meant the school week was half over. And today was such a lovely Wednesday, with some mild weather for a December. Slim and I spent a couple hours at the park.

2. Reason #139 why I am so cool and in touch with the trends: So there's this little show called Scrubs that I just found. It is hilarious. And it has apparently been on this newfangled gadget we call the "teevee" for like six seasons now.

3. Decorating for Hannukah is priority #1 right now. I planned to do it last weekend, but my kitschy menorah from Tar-jay didn't work, so I have to return it tomorrow and decorate in the evening. Presents also need to be wrapped. I'll be listening to the Cap'n's cousin singing "Hooray for Hannukah."

4. I'm planning to get the watermelon socks done before leaving for Indiana next week. So the preparation for knit packing has already begun. I'll definitely take the Child's First Socks with me, which means I'll need the Vintage Socks book to finish the pattern. So I'm thinking I'll take some yarn with me to start another one of the patterns in there. I have some Sunbeam St. Ives in a very manly color (Mallard, maybe?), so maybe the Cap'n will get another pair of socks? I like the Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern and the Gentleman's Fancy Sock, but the latter may be too close in pattern to the Purled Ladder from Sensational Knitted Socks that I first gave him.

5. KnittinSis and I were chatting today about our planned yarn crawl to her LYS with our cousin when I'm visiting Indiana. She said they have Dale of Norway's baby yarn, which I thought I had seen in previous trips. I am thinking of a souvenir yarn purchase to make a present for Baby Dos. Maybe the Mason-Dixon baby kimono? But with a button or bobble closure instead of a bow/ribbon. I want it to be unisex, so I'm also thinking a nice sage-y green.

6. I have this idea for a book...

7. In a huge sign of restraint, I have a box full of yarn and knitting supplies sitting in my living room unopened. My Dad and MawMaw have been on the hunt at yard sales for KnittinSis and I now that we're into this crazy craft. So they divided up their haul and sent it to each of us. The Cap'n says I must wait to open it until Hannukah (his Moldy Ogre side coming out), so in a few more days I'll present the photographic evidence.

8. Slim has been convinced to wear his Elf Swirl Hat by me telling him each time that he looks as cool as the Cat in the Hat. Have I mentioned how much he L-O-V-E-S this book? I have it memorized. No, really. The whole thing. If he's crying in the stroller, I can start reciting it, and he stops.

9. The other thing that gets Slim to stop crying is when the Cap'n or I start singing Johnny Cash's version of "Sam Hall." It's got an interesting history. We're raising one tough little boy.

10. Does it violate the spirit of Random Wednesday to have an even Top Ten random list?

11. Oh well....I can't remember the rest of the random things I was going to put in here, and Seconds from Disaster is on. I luuuuve this show.


Carrie said...

1. HAAAAAAAAhahahahaha. I love Scrubs. When it first came on I thought, "oh no, not another medical show..." and didn't think it would catch on. (ER was on of course, but I think there was one or two other hour-long doctor-dramas that had recently begun as well...) But it really is unique, has a style of its own that really works, and you know JD is really cute in a geeky kind of way. OK, Dr. Cox is cute too. :)

2. A suggestion for travelling with patterns: Just copy the pattern at the library or photocopy place instead of dragging the whole book around with you! Ten or twenty cents and you both lighten your load and eliminate the risk of something happening to the beloved Knitting Vintage Socks. (Someday I will finish the Child's French Socks, I swear!) There's nothing stopping you from coping an extra pattern or two to bring either. :)

Anonymous said...

hey Ginny
I just remembered to check out your blog - Sarah had told me about it at T-giving. I love seeing all of the things you are knitting - you have gotten so advanced :) Sam loves his hat - he looks so cute in it!! Everywhere we go, people are always asking about it! Was that one skein of yarn or did you swap colors? I wish we could be there for Christmas and get in with some of the knitting action...

Rie said...

This book...hmmmm? Will you share or must we wait? Get to writing!

In other news...maybe I'll set up a blog while you're here. I need to get all my projects photo'd. I'm working on a scarf in red alpaca now. It's supposed to be for the church raffle, so I'll have to make another one for Ben because he likes it so much.

Love you lots!

And take the coffee AWAY from the baby :)

PS The word verification I got for this post is "wxird". At first I thought it said "weird". THAT would've been creepy, since I've never gotten a randomly generated string that actually spelled something.

Carrie said...

He he he, I approve of ALL your "older men"... :) (Maybe I should look into one myself, in real life that is, because dating ones my own age sure isn't working out!)