Saturday, March 03, 2007

Chez Le Grouch

Again with a pictureless post...

I am seaming up the baby kimono and making I-cord ties, and I am so mad at my finishing skills. THEY SUCK.

Last time I took sewing was half a semester in 7th grade. With my newly minted feminist attitude, I swore at the time that I would never excel at the "domestic arts" (witness my cleaning and cooking skills), and set about avoiding any other opportunity to learn more about home ec.

Well, now I love knitting. I really do. And I feel like I've gotten a lot better in the last year and a half. But this is the first garment I've really gotten done. All the rest have been accessories (hats, scarves and socks). How can I call myself a knitter if all I've done are little projects?

And nearly 20 years later, I still suck at sewing. My pretty little garter stitch kimono looks like that same 7th grader took a needle and yarn to it to put it together. It's shiteous.

Which makes me and my overactive brain begin to worry that I am going to be a shitty mother to two kids. I just felt like I had it pulled together with one, and I didn't have to worry about balancing work or school like most women do. Now there will be two and how am I going to handle it?

Like I said, it is Grouchy City around here.

I stayed up last night because we didn't eat until 10pm and I get terrible reflux (the run to the bathroom kind) if I lay down too close to a meal. So I ended up watching "Clerks" (great movie) and some stupid late-night tv show about how strippers stay in shape.

I can't stomach morning shows, and I don't care for daytime talk or soaps, but give me late-night crappy tv any evening and I'll stay up til 3 in the morning.

So anyway, here I am with my roly-poly self propped up on the futon and thinking how I'm never going to get back in shape. I can't feel any less pregnant or any less attractive than if my husband was refusing to touch me for fear of starting early labor.

Oh. Wait. Nevermind.

And I have definitely reached the All Done phase of pregnancy. I am 39 weeks today, my turkey timer (belly button) has popped, and I am FINISHED. Unfortunately, baby does not seem to agree.

Meanwhile, Slim has decided that sleeping from 8pm to 5:30am works just fine for him, and that he only needs a nap from 11am to 1:30pm. It's great, just great.

So now he's up...and since the Cap'n is working on his day off, I need to find something for the kid to do outside. The laundry, emails to be returned and dog hair tumbleweeds will have to wait. At least it's warm...

Maybe pictures and a better mood tomorrow....

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Rie said...


Hadn't checked in since last week because of the jurb of ferrying middle schoolers to Indy to see the Bishop..."We're off to see the Bishop, the wonderful Bishop of..." wait a minute! That's a different movie and our church still isn't a "friend of Dorothy" (though we're working on that, though).

I hope you're feeling better! I can imagine you're ready...what with the belly button having popped and everything. Don't work too hard and don't worry about getting everything done. You're doing great!

Uncle Ben and I are looking forward to hanging out with the little dude while you and Oren and the baby get to know each other better. I hope the baby comes when I'm there, but not too much sooner since I'm not done with the first bootie!

Love you lots!