Thursday, March 01, 2007

Babies, Knits and Other Goodies...

There's randomness afoot...

I finally found the last little thing for Baby Dos: this Lands End fleece bunting in deep cherry red. I really wanted something to keep little baby warm in the front pack while out walking this spring. I think we're guaranteed to have a warm and dressed newborn.

So, yes, we still have to install the car seat and pack the overnight bags (tomorrow, I swear), but I feel a little more prepared. Good thing, since I've started having more contractions off and on. Looks like the Evening Primrose Oil is starting to work.

And finally, I made it through those last few rows on the M&D baby kimono. I do have trouble with finishing things, but this one I was starting to get anxious about. Didn't want to have to knit it during labor: I was worried that even garter stitch would be too complicated for me.

So it's into a bath of SOAK for the kimono and a dry downstairs while I run some other laundry.

And another thing:

Mary reminded me of a very important birthday: It's the Cat in the Hat's 50th!! Go wish him Happy Birthday and send some books to kids who need them.

As I've mentioned before, the Cat is very important around our house. I have the original "Cat in the Hat" memorized and can give a fairly good reading from memory of the "Cat in the Hat Comes Back." You really can't beat Dr. Seuss.

I actually started swatching (Swatch me while I WIP it out! Ha! I crack myself up.) the Purple Earth Claudia's Handpainted. I'm getting 7 sts to an inch gauge on US1 (2.5mm), and I want to do Cookie's Monkey socks, which calls for 8 sts to an inch. I know if I follow the pattern with the gauge I'm getting, they will fit my feet, which are 9 inches wide. This was the trick I used to get the Child's First Socks to fit my big foot.

However, I'm worried that my gauge will get me loose socks because I got a good tip that the Claudia's is very stretchy. So I'm wondering if I should go down to US0 (2.25mm) needles and get the pattern gauge and get snugger (is that a word?) socks? Then I worry that I might run out of yarn, even though I will probably convert the pattern to toe-up.

Then I think maybe I'm too tired to try to figure this out right now...

Slim didn't sleep last night, and neither did I. I think it's my body's way of getting ready for being up every 2 hours to feed new baby.

And after tomorrow the car registration will expire, but we first have to get it to the mechanic to replace the strut...which apparently died on some D.C. pothole. This would not be surprising to anyone who has driven in this town before.

Meanwhile the Big Question on my mind is:

Should I try to start and knit a pair of EZ's baby leggings to match the kimono, hat, mitts and booties for Baby Dos? I still have two more balls of Dale Baby Ull left. Would this be a pointless exercise to begin, or do I still have time before D-Day?

9 days and counting...

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