Thursday, March 15, 2007

Baby Knits! (But No Baby)

I'm going to turn most of this post over to my KnittinSis, who came to town this week bearing cute knitted items for Baby Dos.

The child should feel like it's going to be well-dressed enough to come out now, but so far, Baby Dos has decided mom's belly is more cozy. But it looks like tomorrow will be a big day for us. We have the induction scheduled for Friday morning.

Now on to the baby knits...

Hi! KnittinSis here. Well...where should I start?

First, there's a cozy and cute baby blanket made by my friend Renee. It's made of a soft and washable wool blend in rainbow colors. Muy precioso! Renee told me about the pattern, but I've forgotten exactly how it's done. It looks like many squares put together, but it's knit in one piece.

The squares display the yarn's rainbow color nicely. Renee is a super knitter with a sweater on the needles right now. She's also a former DC resident (that's where she got her Master's degree) who's currently a 2L at Indiana School of Law.

The first thing I made for Baby Dos is a pair of "Ugg" booties. I found a kit on the SuperCrafty ebay store. I think I got the last one, but she has lots of cute kits and great deals on yarn. I found the store through this story from Crazy Aunt Purl. Here's the pattern.

Baby Dos's Daddy and Uncle Ben agree...these should be the only size of "suede" boots ever made. The pattern was really easy (knit all in one piece and seamed down the bottom and back).
Next handmade bit came from a pattern found at my LYS in Bloomington. It's Ann Norling's Kid's Fruit Hat made with Dale of Norway Baby Ull in yellow and the same green as the baby kimono. A little lemon hat!

Speaking of little lemons...I got the pattern for New Baby's other booties from Anny Purl's blog. As her socks were adaptations of other patterns, my booties are a bit different from hers as well.

That's all KnittinSis had time to write before she and Uncle Ben swooped in to take care of Slim. But I'll just add that the other (third) bootie is on its way off her needles.

Which makes us ready for tomorrow's trip to the hospital. I think we're all about as ready as we can get, even Slim. I told him yesterday and this morning what was happening, and he was so excited today he didn't nap. This may be a problem tomorrow....

If Baby Dos is half as cool as big brother here, we should have one fun family.

Wish us luck! We'll see you on the other side...


Carrie said...

No baby yet! Well, good luck mommy!

(Also, those baby uggs are the cutest things EVER!!!)

Karida said...

good luck with baby!