Thursday, November 16, 2006

Random Things I Keep Forgetting...

I'm going to write this stuff down before I forget again.

1. MawMaw said she loves her Welt Fantastic socks, especially since she broke her foot earlier this year and had to have screws and plates put in. She says her foot hurts like a toothache when it gets cold, but that the socks keep her feet nice and warm.

2. The Malabrigo yarn was acquired at the Brooklyn General Store, conveniently located just a few blocks from my SIL's house in Red Hook Brooklyn. They've recently moved from their basement location (where I first visited) to a street level shop that is brimming with great yarn choices all stashed in these vintage "general store" type shelves that came with the store. It's awesome.

3. Getting closer to the second heel on the Law School Socks. Just over two weeks to the test. Gotta keep moving. Any votes on the next pair of socks?
Choice A: any Nancy Bush pattern
Choice B: a lacy sock from Sensational Knitted Socks
Choice C: one of the cool Knitty patterns out lately
Choice D: Fuzzy Feet

4. B-L-O-C-K-I-N-G. eeek!!

5. Random blurry belly shot at 23 weeks.


Mom said...

I like the picture of you taking a picture of yourself. Neat picture. That is wonderful that Maw Maw really enjoys her socks and I know this Winter they will be nice and warm for her. Thank you for the cute pictures of Malcolm on your blog.

Ginny you have some of the most beautiful pieces of yarn and the most interesting color combinations. All of them are great!!!!

Rie said...

What a cute belly! And those pants make your butt look fantastic!

I can't wait to see you and Malcolm at Christmas!