Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Good Kind of Frog

Happy Halloween and Happy Socktoberfest to everyone out there!

Slim and I went trick-or-treating with friends last night after dining on Dead Man with Worms (body-shaped meatloaf served over spaghetti). We didn't make it to Hilloween, but he seemed happy with the loot he collected along the way, and he was asleep within 5 minutes of making it into the house.

I'm sorry to say that I did not finish my pair of socks for Socktoberfest, which means I also did not make my Sock-a-Month commitment. (sadness) However, I am psyched about the sock tutorials that Lolly posted on her blog and really appreciate all the effort everyone put into it. You know, Socktoberfest is all about the love of handknit socks, and that still burns brightly in my heart, so I'm going to proudly say I was an enthusiastic participant in Socktober!

But what is now resting lightly on top of my LSAT study guides? Here's a hint: Not a Sock. I had stumbled across this pattern online a long time ago and forgotten that I bookmarked it. Lolly's International Scarf Exchange reminded me of it, and I couldn't get it out of my head. Particularly with the weather getting colder last week.

So I decided to make something for me. ME, ME, ME! (It's Malabrigo's Oro y Vino. Yum. And the second link is to an already finished one since BLOGGER BITES and won't let me post a second picture!)

I'm going to say it's in honor of my 100th post to the blog, which this is. Or it can be in honor of spending 7 hours on the Chinatown bus last weekend going to NYC, which I did. Or improving on my second LSAT prep test, which I also did.

I just needed to spoil me. Besides, realistically, there is no way that handmade holiday presents are getting made for one husband, one son, four sisters, four parents, two sisters-in-law, two brothers-in-laws, two parents-in-law, a niece and a nephew. So I say: STOP THE MADNESS! I'm just going to knit for me.

I mean, besides the hat for Slim and the mittens for the Cap'n that are either OTN or about to be.

Speaking of, avoid our Plague House if you can. The Cap'n has a 103-degree fever and has been in bed for 14 hours. I've got the worst sore throat I've had in a couple years and the kid is getting cranky.

I'm off to finish the chicken soup...


Rie said...

That FRAWG ate my BAYBEE!

Anonymous said...

Don't let the fact that you didn't finish your socks make you sad. Don't let it become a COMMITTMENT or an OBLIGATION. Then it is no longer fun.
Also, it would mean that all this yarn and gadgets that I got at a yard sale yesterday would be a big waste.
Anyway, I love you forever.......

Anonymous said...

Ew .. Ew .. I almost forgot ... I got you and Sarah some neat project books too ... they look like they come from the 60's. Still pretty neat.

Love you forever and ever ... Maw Maw loves you too.

Anonymous said...

Miss you....guess the only way I can see what is up is contact the the frog pic. Laura was tickled to see him wearing it.
Luv ya!