Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Less Yarn, More Baby

I just realized yesterday while talking to my Mom on the phone as she was scanning my blog, that she really only looks for kid pictures. That's OK. I know this is a blog (almost typed blob...Freudian slip) about knitting and motherhood, so for the fam...

Slim is a man on the move. This is him on a visit to the zoo with one of his new play buddies. Slim, of course, was stealing the other little boy's book. He's REALLY into his books. Even at 6 a.m. Love that. How can two night owls pop out such an early bird?

I think he's getting more teeth coming in, because his eating and sleeping have been a bit off. And we're moving into the phase where we need to come up with some "positive discipline" in dealing with small tantrums, hitting, throwing, etc. Any suggestions are welcome.

Overall, though, he's such a happy guy. I hope Baby Dos is the same way. Slim walks over to me and pulls at my shirt so he can pat my belly and give it a hug. He fondles my knitting probably as much as I do, and he loves to give kisses and cuddle.

We've been working a punk rock Bam-Bam look for him sometimes, since his hair is constantly in his eyes. Of course, everyone thinks he looks even more like a girl, no matter how much blue he's wearing or how many truck noises he's making. That's Auntie's Spam truck he's holding in the photo. He loves that truck.

Finally, this is Slim in a staring contest with the Cap'n. What do you think that signals for the future? Ha.

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