Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm a Knitter, and I Voted

If it's not too late in your state, cast your ballot! I'm watching the returns on TV, and I'm angry about not having a vote on the national level. I had no idea that moving to D.C. would make me so frustrated in that regard.

I do like our prospective mayor, a Democrat who carries two Blackberries and runs marathons. He's smart, he's focused, and he's not business as usual -- a huge problem here in D.C. I went ahead and cast my vote for the independent Ward representative, since the Republican pulled the race card and the Democrat has been sitting on the dysfunctional Board of Education.

But WHY, WHY, WHY can't I make my voice heard in Congress? Aaauuugh.

Will try to update later on the Stitches East experience. My first "fiber festival."

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