Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Boy or Girl?

It's a good thing I studied gender quite a bit in my women's studies classes back at UNC. Because it does not matter how much blue I dress this kid in -- he can be head to toe in it -- and someone on the Metro will ask:

"How old is she?"

I usually just say, 13 months, and move on. He is a pretty little boy, and I don't care if people think he's a girl. I know that has no impact on his self-image, which right now consists of saying NO as often as he can.

It's partly because people think he looks like me. So "they" think "he" is a "she." Whatever. As long as he's happy. And he's happiest throwing food, chasing the dog and avoiding any semblance of a nap.

So knitting content around here has been awfully slow. Not much time. We've had visitors, and the babe isn't sleeping well. And this weekend we're headed to NYC for the D family reunion. I'll try to get some knitting done on the Chinatown bus, but only if Slim falls asleep.

I admit I haven't yet taken pictures of my OTN projects. A little ashamed of the number, I guess. I'm almost done with one of the fall socks and I got out an oldie but a goodie, and am going to try to get it finished up this month.

The stress level has been elevated, probably a yellow on the official scale. But it's approached orange and red the last few days. Maybe a nap would help...


Rie said...

It's just 'cause he's so cute and random folks can't imagine a little boy looking so cute. Also, he smiles all the time and is so pleasant.

Thanks for the Malcolm pic! I have a new desktop background at work now.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

A nap is a good idea. Also several slow, deep breaths and a long, cool drink of water. The boy looks beautiful. That hair is to die for. You rock.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and don't worry about the boy's androgenous looks. Androgeny was IT when his father was coming of age. He's a beautiful boy and he's healthy. And that's all good.