Saturday, May 06, 2006

Knitting On the Road

Technically, this was not knit on the road. This hat (aka Malcolm's Conehead Hat) went on a road trip with my sister Laura after this conversation:

Laura: (on seeing the hat hanging on the coat stand) "That hat is so cute."

Me: (busy puttering in the kitchen)

Laura: (walking over and feeling the hat) "I love this hat."

Me: (trying to feed the baby peas)

Laura: (picking up the hat and checking it out) "Oh my God, this is so cute."

Me: (cleaning up peas from the floor)

Laura: (trying the hat on in the mirror) "I love this hat!"

Me: "What? It fits you???"

That's right, folks. The hat I knit for the 10-month-old boy fits my 17-year-old sister's head, and isn't cone-shaped when it actually fits. I think it means his head is big. Or hers is small.


I'll make another post about my first FO on the road.

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