Monday, June 11, 2007

Made in the Shade

It's been a busy, busy place here at Chez Muthaknitter. Slim said his first sentence today, just three days shy of his 2nd birthday:

"I wan col piza!"

[Translation: I want cold pizza!]

The Cap'n says he's now prepared for his Animal House college days.

We had a wonderful pool party to celebrate his birthday early. Slim and Little Baby got decked out in their summerwear.

We had family from L.A., Indiana, New York and Maryland join us, as well as friends from D.C. It was just the right size party for a little boy who got too many presents to even know what to do with them. Today he only played with each toy once. "We're the best no-repeat station for your workday!"

Oy. Work on the house is already attempting to drain the bank account. More on that and yarn-related news tomorrow...

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