Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The New Nirvana

The door to yarn heaven is in the middle of an unassuming glass storefront in Alexandria, Va., close to the waterfront. Just inside the Springwater Fiber Workshop hang rows and rows of yarn stretching high above my head. I wanted to touch every single one, and just stare at the colors.

I went there to specifically find this yarn for the Alien Illusion scarf in Limeade and Midnight Green. Then while I was there I decided to get the same yarn in Creme and Prairie Fire to make this snowflake illusion scarf, which I think will be my mom's Christmas present instead of the original knitting class scarf. I got some new Addis in Size 8 to do them both up.

But then I found THIS YARN in Asters (#5980). The shade card doesn't do it justice. It's gorgeous.

That's it.

No more yarn until after Christmas. Maybe someone will get me a gift certificate??

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Anonymous said...

We'll see about gift certificates, and we'll see about spinning yarn. At the rate you're going it looks like you're making a yarden of spun wool. Yarn - that's a four-letter word with more than one meaning, you know. Although, that Asters stuf is sweeet.