Saturday, November 21, 2009


Uses for a tatting hook:

1. Tatting (duh)
2. Sley hook for 10-dent rigid heddle
3. Retrieval device for wheel of plastic Lightning McQueen toy stuck up a 2-year-old's nose

I do like when the tools of the trade can be used for other purposes. Particularly at 7pm on a Saturday night when the last thing you feel like doing is going to the ER to pull out a plastic toy part.

Speaking of the devil (on our walk around the Tidal Basin last weekend):

And his brother in a contemplative mood:

This morning was my last rigid heddle weaving class at the Art League. For some reason I thought we had another three weeks at least, so I am more than a little bummed. Especially because I don't think I'm going to be able to afford another one for a little while.

Oh well. As the Cap'n said, it's not like I have to stop weaving. I just have to weave more for my own purposes and keep practicing. I have a whole lifetime of weaving ahead of me. And I enjoy it so much.

Did I say the Cap'n? I meant Osama been Yarnin':

(Fun with Noro Furisode. He wants a hat out of it. This was a warmth test. heehee.)

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Indianafuji said...

OMG Dude, I laughed and laughed. When I saw "Furisode" and Oren's expression, I just thought that it must be Japanese for Furious.

And now a song:

Don't Stop
Your Weavin'
Hold on to that Feelin'

I hope that tune is stuck in your head all day :)