Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh, Burger Cheese!

I really, really am trying to reduce the amount of curse words that I throw around. But can I get an "amen" that it is very difficult to do at 5:30am when you went to bed at 1am and have been woken up at least 2-3 times for nursing duty?

The problem is that EVERYTHING Slim hears, he repeats.

After an "oh, f*#@" out of him today while I was changing his diaper, I apologized to him and told him that Mommy shouldn't say that and neither should he. I made some suggestions like "oh, cheeseburger" and "oh, dinosaurs" to say instead when he (and I) are frustrated.

So while we were downstairs feeding the Little Lion, and he could see that it was difficult for me, he said, "Mommy, oh burger cheese!"


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