Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kvetch First, Knit Later

Let's just get the kvetching out of the way, shall we?

1. I am in a Pretty Miserable Situation. PMS, get it?

2. Both kids have spent the last week sick with a fever and sniffly noses. But, you know, on alternating days. Cuz that's how they roll.

3. Another person who also lives in our house is sick and waiting for the Big Ole Boat O' Sympathy to dock at his harbor. But it's not gonna. It crashed into the Iceberg O' Apathy and sank to the bottom of Couldn't Care Less Bay. Because....

4. I am sick. Wah.

5. And today the boys are feeling a bit better. So much so that they decided to take alternating naps and keep me up ALL. DAY. LONG.

6. Did I mention I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night?

Okay, kvetch over. Let's see why these children make it through to see each new day.

Grampy and Grammy pimped our park ride. Swwwwweeeet.

So I like finished a baby sweater? In like a week? And it's like totally awesome? But like, I have no pictures? Because it's like, way too dark? And apparently I've like, been possessed by a Valley Girl?


Tell ya what I'll do. Because I'm in a listing mood, I'll tell you what posts you can expect in the week coming up, and you can tune in if something interests you. Or just to place bets on whether I actually blog when I say I'm going to. (I would not take that one if I were you.)


1. The Harlot's Hat, or Happy Belated Birthday to Me
2. In Which I'm Liable to Kvetch More About Being Sick (gotta save room for this one)
3. Super Secret Knitting, or Why Knit for Warm People?
4. Baby Sweater Uno
5. Baby Sweater Dos
6. Travel Knitting That Answers the Question of Whether I Cast On Madly for Two Fingering Weight Hats Tomorrow to Finish in a Week
7. Happy Thanksgiving!

See you at the races...


Anonymous said...

Ginny, you are hilarious. I hope you feel better soon, but not too soon so we can read more of your cold-induced rants. Deatra (and Adam)aka The Left Coast Lurkers

Rie said...

Chica! I luv luv luv this picture of the boys. totally channeled the South Park episode from last night! Kyle got an inside view of secret girl culture when Wendy took him to a meeting where they make up lists "'cause girls love lists". It was hilarious.

Love you and can't wait to see the sweatuhs.

Anonymous said...

Mike told me you were blogging more lately, so I have to check it out. I personally find the last one to be the best one that I have read. I like the analogy about the boat sinking. Ahhh, don't we all feel that way on alot more than them just being sick! Boo hoo! Get on the writing for money, you would be great at it!


Caroline L. said...

hope you are feeling better - i doubt i could blog that articulately if I were feeling crappy and/or caring for everyone else who was feeling crappy!!!
Happy Thanksgiving