Friday, February 16, 2007

Baby Sweater Hell

We are back to the M&D baby kimono.


Okay, so for those (2?) people following the drama so far: I started the baby kimono with some Dale Baby Ull that was a gift from KnittinSis for Christmas. We have documented gauge issues (umm, I don't swatch?), so the 80-stitch wide, 25-row deep "sweater" became a gauge swatch. Live and learn.

That got frogged and I went on a quest to find another baby sweater. Do you hear the tick-tick-ticking?

I settled on Haiku from Knitty, which is adorable and adjustable based on gauge. I'm charmed by the idea of doing a sideways sweater with fewer seams. Off we go again...

And today, once I hit the box stitch, I finally faced up to the fact clearly written into the pattern: This sweater is going to fit a 1-year-old, particularly as small as my newborn is bound to be, based on precedent. I mean, it was 10.5 inches long. My last newborn was 21 inches long. So much for my math.

But if I turn the 54-stitch wide front of Haiku around, it makes a slightly larger baby kimono back with only 1 more inch to go until casting on for the sleeves. I say, let's live dangerously...I'm going to go for it.
Not that I've read any further in the pattern than comparing my gauge and giving myself a mental high-five: "You can do it!"

Meanwhile, there was un poco stash enhancement yesterday at the LYS. Perhaps I have a new sock obsession after seeing Carrie's two-week miracles. Will go into it more when I have a good photo of the yarn I had to have.

And how did I have time today to ponder all this knitting, inspired by my day at the yarn store yesterday? And listen to an episode of Cast On and Lime 'n' Violet? Here's how the boys spent the afternoon:


Anonymous said...

That is one cute little bowl-headed kid you go there. Who does take after?

See you soon. And much love.

Carrie said...

1. Haiku is super cute, good choice! (Keep the faith - at least a babysweater is a faster knit and less painful to finish.)

2. Woo hoo! Stash enhancement! Can't wait to see it. :) I counted my sock yarn stash the other day (for the SKS knitalong) and realized I only have yarn enough for 7 pairs. Some of those folks have a lot more. A LOT. I think I need to remedy that.

3. The two week miracles may have been a fluke. Then again, I am learning if you do dedicated knitting, unlike the type of knitting I have done in the past (cast on for seventeen projects, then get discouraged with them all because it is taking so long to finish them), you achieve real progress. It is really nice.

4. I don't have a toddler to run after. I only have one crazy cat. But at least she sleeps 20 hours of the day (more or less).

5. You get blogroll spot #1. I don't know it that's worth anything, but there you have it. :)

Rie said...

Somebody had fun with his Grampy!

Ain't it great to live in DC?!

The baby sweater sounds like it'll work out just fine. I think it's cool you're experimenting.
Love ya!

carrie said...

I think you have a taker! I don't think I have your email address - mine is:



mary said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed knitting up the Santa Cruz cap. It turned out to be a nice and quick knit... instant gratification. Just my kind of knit. I hope you post a picture on your blog soon.