Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Delayed, but maybe that's okay

That yarn down there in the pIcture both is and is not a sweater. A sweater interrupted, you might say.

The Little Lion asked for a red sweater at the start of January. He had found one that I made him when he was a baby, and tried to get it on. Since I didn't want it broken, I told him I would make another. Could it be purple? (Yarn I had in the stash?) No. Red.

So I purchased. I found a pattern. I cast on and measured my gauge, and it was on. I was flying. In two weeks I had most of the body done and was starting the hood. Only problem?

It was fitting me in length. Knitting can be a stretchy beast. Also that 4 stitches to the inch start turned into 3.5. (??)

So I 'fessed up to the kid. Told him that mommy messed up and it wasn't going to fit unless I unknit the whole thing and started again on Size 9 needles.

That's okay, he said.

Sometimes it is best to begin again and get it right. I am also doing that with my after-school job search. But maybe this time I will get it right.

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