Friday, September 04, 2009

KOOL(haas) HAT!

(I will continue to inflict these painfully moody, brooding, overly self-conscious webcam shots ala MySpace on the blogging world until I can get a new digital camera. Sorry.)

I have been on a finishing spree, trying to repair some of my poor feng shui, which has taken a turn for the worse in the last four years, what with kids and a new (dilapidated) house taking their toll.

So in the spirit of controlling what I can, I've decided to finish up long-standing knitting projects. Thus my newly beloved: a Koolhaas hat in ArtYarns Regal Silk (I think: I lost the ballband, and I could have swore this had some merino in it). Purchased ages ago at the Brooklyn General Store.

I knit the men's size, because my giant head has had trouble in the past fitting regular-size hat patterns. Turns out I think a woman's would have fit, because this is a tad long. C'est la vie, I say, because at least now I have a hat that will fit me no matter what.

This is the softest, most adorable thing I've knit for myself, and I fully intend to do more. I am my own harshest critic, and I am going to try softening me up with beautiful handknits.

Which reminds me: I have to show you my new scarf.


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